Thursday, October 12, 2017

Mobile App Development

The Android platform is one of the fastest developing platforms in the market as of now. It is diverse and flexible when it comes to making of compatible resources for its users. To make ends meet, Android smartphones require a variety of applications to provide the users with different services. The Android market contains a great variety of apps and software that are compatible with the latest upgrades of the platform. This is where the role of an Android app development company falls in.

Services offered by Android App Development Company

About 65% of the smartphone industry is compatible with Android integration. Android App Development Company provides ample of services that lead to effective functioning apps for the users of the platform. Be it for the Android Smartphones, Android Tablets or Android TV.Below is the process flow of the steps that any ideal Android App development Company follows:

Discovery of concept

For any application development, there is an idea generation process to frame the objective of the service. Any Android app fulfills the certain objective. This task is overcome with the discovery of the simplest manner of providing the same. Programmers prepare their codes according to the idea generating the app.

UI/UX Design

An important phase of the development of Android App is where the User Interface is taken to confront up-close. Developers plan their programming process keeping in mind to provide best user experience to clients. This stage involves Wire-frames, Design Concept, Ease of tools, and interaction of phases in a program.

Program Coding and development

The actual process where the developers expend their time programming is the coding phase. It is a rigorous activity that only computer programming experts clearly understand. This phase will also include Code review, Unit Testing, etc. Majority of the development for the Android App takes place during this phase. Therefore, it is a prospective phase of development.

Quality Testing

All Android apps require testing and quality checks before final release. An app is ready for launch when it secures a level of scores during the testing phase. Despite the unpredictability of success of the same, developers must leap through the nominal scores for safe functioning. Not all apps make the best impact as predicted by the test. However, it is a necessary phase where the team can positively move ahead with the release or launch of the application.

App distribution and Launch prep

Before finalizing the app release, the developers must assure that the conditions of the application satisfy the predictions. Even after assurance of the test results, a preliminary release must be taken for confirming the effectiveness of the app. Depending on the type of service category the application belongs to, this phase may or may not be necessary.Hence, these are processes that the ideal Android App Development Company performs for the successful launch of the application. Android App market is vast and catching up with the trend is not a simple task for developers to establish on their own. For this reason, the support from an Android App Development Company is essential.

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