Tuesday, July 31, 2018

PPC Management Services

With so many brands competing with each other for the users’ attention, the advertisement industry has rapidly found new ways to grow. One such method is the pay-per-click advertisement aka PPC technique. There are companies which run ad campaigns for businesses with this method. Arvaan Technolab is one such PPC management company.
Pay per click is a method that works when a user clicks on an ad over any website on the internet. For this, expert marketing managers create a strategy and run ads accordingly on the client’s websites.

Here is a list of PPC Management Services that we provide to our clients!

Ad strategy

  • The most important aspect of PPC Management Services is the basic strategy.
  • What is it that the visitor of a page must do when your ad is flashed?
  • How many clicks do you require to maintain a healthy profit margin?
  • What is your brand ideology?
  • These are the questions related when planning for a PPC campaign.
  • PPC managers try to answer this questions by conducting market research.

Market Research

  • The ads are created for people surfing the internet. Hence, it is important to study the type of audience you are dealing with.
  • The quality of your ads will be decided on basis of demographic of people your audience consists of. Teenagers are easy to attract with help of pop culture icons while middle-aged people lookout for value in a product they want to purchase.
  • These research are conducted with a select group of people. Hence it might not be accurate but it certainly gives a good picture of the market.

Type of content

  • For many people ads are annoying. PPC Management Company take care that the campaigns do not create a negative publicity to hurt the brand image.
  • So it is necessary to consider what type of content are you delivering the ads?
  • Studies show that if an ad of a product can solve a problem in user’s life, it is bound to be successful. PPC managers design ads relative to the content of the website with which they are working.
  • A website about games might show ads about gaming laptops and consoles. Likewise, different ads sell with different content.


  • Today, the consumer’s attention time is extremely low. In such case, plain ads do not work.
  • People look out for ads which catch their eyes. Interactive ads which tease the content of a product, or a free trial offer, or such lucrative offers increase clicks.
  • Ads generate revenue when people click on ads, therefore ads must attract the consumer to click on it.

A dedicated approach

  • Google AdWords is a tool used to set parameters for PPC ad campaigns.
  • Many people forget about these parameters like time, region, language, etc. once they are set.
  • As an active PPC management company, we keep an eye on results of these factors. With it, we can optimize the ads, hence conducting market research at the same time.
Advertisement industry is all about being creative and attracting consumers. The creativity is a talent which managers develop with experience of trial and error method. Arvaan Technolab, as a responsible PPC Management Services provider, will take care of your every aspect.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Flash and Flex Animation Services

People have always been fascinated by cartoons. From early 19th century, the artist depicts a certain idea or character with a touch of their imaginations. But in the internet era, new Flash and Flex animation have taken over. These creative arts have transformed into today’s animation industry. Even today, Walt Disney is said to be a father of 2D animation.

Below given are some topmost considerations we take care of while offering Flash and Flex Animation Services

Knowing the difference in Flash and Flex Development

On a web page, an animation is played using, flash technology. While the flex works in combination to flash animation to improve quality. Flash is the older technology and has existed for many decades. Flex animation is younger and still an upgrade state. These two major technologies rule the market.

Limited only by creativity

When it comes to animation, the only thing you are limited by is your own imagination. Animation can make anything possible, from superheroes destroying buildings to laser guns able to vaporize anything. Animations on flash have been good in quality, and now flex animation is a library built upon it. It is clear that anyone with a good vision can use these to their benefit.

Use of animation for content creation

Now, videos are a famous content on the internet. But it requires human labor and can be tedious at many times. Flash and its additional file, flex animation, both provide a good opportunity for high-quality content creation. It helps bloggers to generate more traffic on their site. Flash animation has existed for a long time, so most people know about it. Flex is relatively new, so if someone uses it, he can expect better results.

Marketing strategy

Flash and flex animation is the best tool for marketing campaigns. Animation makes it easy for people to convey ideas to the public. Often times, ideas are more metaphysical, and to explain them with a regular video format is difficult. Flash animation gave websites the freedom to present their selves via animated media. Hence marketing strategies are benefited by these technologies.

Website designing

Google has said that it measures jump time of a user for a website as ranking factor. To engage the user with their content, blogger employs animation. They design their website in an attractive way that the user is willing to invest time on their site. Good quality website layout also helps users to smoothly navigate across pages. So if a site wants a user to pay attention to a specific information, animation can be helpful here.

Interactive content as a way to collect feedback

Flash and Flex development give a provision for interactive content creation. It is again a technique to engage users with the content. Interactive content means that the users will get responses for their activities. Animation of dog which appears and dances if the user clicks on an empty region of the site is interesting.
In this way, animation technologies can also collect feedback from the user and implement it to improve site quality. If you are looking for Flash and Flex Development services, then Arvaan Technolab is a one-stop solution for you. It improves overall quality and smoothness of UI.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

WordPress SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization has become a necessary tool to rule the market. With SEO techniques websites can rank up in Google search results for a certain keyword. Arvaan Technolab offers a wide range of WordPress SEO Services which help a user with over 200 known SEO factors.
Users only visit those websites which are helpful to them. So Google uses RankBrain AI to rank all websites for search results. When SEO factors are taken into account, a website can generate traffic by ranking up. Hence it is important to know about ultimate SEO services provided by WordPress.

Importance of Yoast SEO Plugin in WordPress SEO Services

  • Yoast SEO plug-in is the best available option for WordPress. Yoast SEO consists of some parameters that help you to increase the rankings of your article in the search result of Google.
  • These parameters check the readability of the text and perform its reading ease test. The various parameters which are considered in this test are the number of sentences, the number of words, the number syllables lines in the whole text, and the use of parts of speech such as noun pronoun preposition etc.
  • These parameters work by showing the result in form of green, yellow and red lights. It is to be noted that the green result does ensure good chances of ranking up in the search result, but it is not to be taken as a commandment.

Google Analytics

  • WordPress provides its users the option of Google Analytics. It is a statistical software which helps you measure various things related to a post.
  • It can calculate the traffic on your site, the number of views an article is getting, real-time graphical representation, etc. Moreover, it can also find for which keyword, is an article ranking up.
  • WordPress SEO Services are very useful for bloggers and content marketing managers.

WordPress video SEO

  • It is a fact that video content is best for consumers. Video can send those messages which are impossible by written words.
  • Hence WordPress provides video services. It uses psychological techniques and makes it easy for users to gain information out of videos.
  • Narrow bandwidth videos are suitable for this purpose. Larger bandwidth videos take up a time to load and annoy Google users. Hence, to maintain Google rankings, video SEO is a great tool.

Google search console

  • It is a tool Google provides for maintenance of websites.
  • Google search engine uses crawler AI to read new URLs of any website. when the URL of a web page is added in the console, the crawler knows that it has a new URL is added and it scans it.
  • The crawler is named as such because it ‘crawls’ over links to scan the website. hence a good structure of a website is always given preference in the search result.
  • The search console simply makes it easier for owners to check if any broken links are present on their site and if that is an issue for crawler programs or not.
These are only some of the most used tools and features of the WordPress site. Arvaan Technolab also offers a wide range of services which the emerging bloggers use in daily life. It makes an organization virtual presence felt by the public in an efficient way and hence helps to make a brand identity in the market.

Monday, June 18, 2018

2D Animation Company

In the 21st century, media has developed a lot. Gone are the days when the print medium was the main route of sharing ideas. Print media, though still being important, animation industry has taken over a good portion of the market. Arvaan Technolab is providing the services of 2D Animation Company to their versatile client base.

A brief history of 2D Animation Company

In early days, people created animation in traditional ways. They drew multiple drawings and ran them in multiple succession. This creates an illusion of a running video. Today, digital animation is the fastest way to create cartoons.
In order for you not to remain left out, here is a list of topics related to 2D Animation Company and services they provide:

Animation as a marketing tool

It is a good way to advertise your product or service. People have a strong visual memory. So, the animation is a great tool to create brand awareness. With this technique limitless opportunities are possible. Most intriguing and iconic animated ads such as the Red Bull campaigns increase sales and brand reputation.

Creative vision

When animation is taken into account, the possibilities are infinite. A regular live-action production has boundaries with respect to the characters and storytelling aspects. An animation, on the other hand, is an exception. A character can fly, die, get run over by a car, anything and everything. But it still would not make any difference as long as it serves the purpose.


The animation may need advanced computing systems. Also, to animate perfect cartoons, it is a tedious work. It needs hours of patience. Here, the budget may become hike. A balance between quality and its cost is necessary.

Psychological aspects

As mentioned earlier, people have a strong visual memory. Animation industry uses this to their advantage. Psychologically affecting the user’s behavior on a web page is beneficial for websites in increasing healthy traffic.

Diverse content

People of all age enjoy animations. This is helpful in running a content-driven website. If your site serves a larger demographic of people, traffic will increase. Cartoons are loved by the younger population. While the addition of humor and satire is the choice of adults. In this way, 2D animation can boost your site’s traffic. Compared to the commonly written articles, the animation is more attractive and strong

Strong way to convey the message

Animation is an art in itself. Animators use this aspect of the industry to convey strong messages to society. Businesses use this as a tool to build a loyal customer base. The reputation of a company in market is very important. Hence, a business can employ services of 2D animation companies to maintain a significant presence in their industry.

Types of animation

Arvaan Technolabs is providing various types of animation options.
  • Classic animation
  • Stop motion animation
  • Digital computer animation
These are some of the types. Depending on the purpose, businesses choose what type is best suited to them. This is helpful in knowing what type of audience they wish to serve. Ultimately, it is analytical studies of the market and designing strategies accordingly.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

iWatch App development

Apple products are the top leading technology company in the whole world. Their line of products is increasing with innovative products such as iPhone X that features revolutionary face ID and the new series of wearable smart wrist-watch. The official name of the smartwatch is iWatch. Arvaan Technolab is creating excellent qualities applications for these iWatches. With our wide experience, we have developed an expertise in providing iWatch App development services.

Here is a list of Arvaan Technolab's iWatch App development  Services:

Creativity of Watchkit framework:

The framework for the iWatch ecosystem is relatively young and people do not really know the limitations yet. Hence creativity is a huge aspect of the innovation. An app capable of shutting off your iPhone with help of only the iWatch is an example. Likewise, many creative ways of using the watch are possible.

The basic features we provide in Apps

Making calls from your iWatch, texting by dictation, playing music, are all the basic functions of iWatch. These functions work great with an iPhone. But, these functions are still limited and do not utilize the full scope of the Watchkit framework. Hence the Apple watch apps development industry has a huge potential to work on innovative services for Apple users.

A niche market

Let’s face it, the wearable market is futuristic but still, it is a limited one. The average consumer is not much flexible with respect to this new device. It is a hidden benefit for developers. A small market means the openness for third-party app developers to focus on quality. We are providing apps which actually fulfill people’s need. This benefit is absent in competitive market like Android’s Play store.

Fitness and health

Apple has said their iWatch device is able to help people achieve their health goals. The device can track footsteps, pulse rate, temperature, etc. It is possible for us to personalize the fitness goals for users with apps specially created for this purpose.
The elderly people can use such services to keep a track of their medications with alarms and reminders on the watch. In fact, the watch can be helpful for people to send an SOS message in case of an emergency. Such services can drive Apple to create a smoother environment for iWatch Application development companies.
Apple watch is also a good addition to the accessory section of your wardrobe. The variety of options to choose from makes it even more attractive. Some loyal fans of Apple have even ordered customized watches with a 24-carat gold electroplated unit.
Perhaps, this is the reason why Arvaan Technolabs considers this loyalty while designing the apps for users. Utilization of the watch with its already impressive style, can open doors for a bright future. Overall, the Apple watch apps development industry on iWatch has a bright future. Niche market makes it more viable to solve users’ problem directly.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Social Media Analytics Company

Nowadays, to be successful in the market, one has to learn the basics of networking and social media. Why? Because the social media is a scattered ocean of information. If someone is able to derive results from this raw data, that person has the potential to sell products or services in a better way. Arvaan Technolabs is a Social media analytics company which sorts these huge pile of raw data.
They convert this information into smaller chunks of readable format. This, in turn, is useful for businesses to target their audience and get benefits out of it.

How is Arvaan Technolab a one-stop solution for Social Media Analytics Company?

Here is a list of some things about social media analytics company.

Purpose of analysis

Social media may be the largest database of customers preferences and choices available on the internet, but without analysis, it is unstructured and meaningless. Here, the consideration is about the purpose of analysis. Purpose clears the path to end goal. so the businesses use fewer resources.

Multiple platforms

Social media comprises of the sites where people interact with each other. The sites, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. are some of the major platforms. An analytics company helps to sort the numerical data such as a number of likes, followers, friends, comments, etc. from the aforementioned platforms.

Less wastage

Analysis of the behavior of people in their comfort zone helps the businesses to know about the trends and interests of people. By this data, businesses target their marketing campaigns to a specified group of people only, saving money and time.

Better reach to customers

Those sellers whose brand is able to leave an impression on customer’s mind are the successful ones. Social media platform analysis increases the reach of a business towards potential buyers.

Understanding the need of customers

An analytics company can generate a study on this aspect of social media. The number of hashtags, posts, comments, tweets, etc. are all segregated into different categories. These are used as a means to know the mood of the public with regard to a product or service.

Social media analytics tools

Analytic tools are software created for the sole purpose of data segregation. These intelligent algorithms can differentiate between the tone of sentences. This works to draw a graphical representation of certain trends adopted by people.

Qualitative and quantitative analysis

Quantitative analysis of a product is relatively easy as it is mostly a number’s game. But qualitative analysis shows the sentiment of a customer towards a business. By carrying out structured social media analysis, businesses can also know about their reputation among the community. This further helps them adjust according to the trends of the market.
Social media analysis is the study of the behavior of people on the internet. Importance is given to privacy and freedom of users. If the study breaches basic values of social media interaction, it is unethical and in the majority of cases, illegal too. Hence Arvaan Technolabs take care not to upset you.

Friday, June 1, 2018

X-Cart Development Services

Online e-commerce has made it easy for the consumer to buy and sell goods all over the world. It is now easy to buy anything online, from paper clips to life insurances, everything. This freedom has given numerous opportunity for anyone to start their own ecommerce website. Arvaan Technolab is providing X-Cart Development Services to various businesses, who are wishing to sell online.
The pioneer of providing this e-commerce website is X-cart. In the year 2000, X-cart services went online. X-cart is a PHP shopping cart platform which makes easy for us designing an e-commerce website.

list of X-Cart Development Services by Arvaan Technolab

Basic features

  • X-cart provides the basic infrastructure one needs to launch an e-commerce website. These features are ready to use without any prior knowledge of coding.
  • These facilities include filters, payment options, address books, categorization of products, etc.
  • These features are again customizable according to the need of clients. Different products need different features. Such as a clothing website might not require an active chat support but it is essential for websites which sell insurance policies.

Open source nature

  • The best thing about X-cart is that it is an open source service. People just need to pay the developers to design the website according to their liking.
  • Open source softwares are extremely flexible when it comes to platforms and operating systems. This is also a benefit as it encourages cross-platform interactions, ultimately creating a versatile global environment.
  • Clients get full control over every aspect of the design of their website. Thousands of e-stores run on X-cart even today.

Long survival

  • After its creation in 2000, even today X-cart did not stop upgrading. It modified with time and people still choose it for e-commerce purpose.
  • This also reflects in Ecommerce shopping cart design. The developers can modify existing websites built by X-cart services. This is highly efficient as people do not need to jump to other service providers even if their websites become old.
  • Over 35000 e-stores still use X-Cart Development Services and grow their businesses. This is a proof that reliable services are a feature of X-cart.

Website designing

  • Ecommerce shopping cart design with X-cart is highly customizable. We provide options either to use a template from their catalog or to develop a unique design from scratch or we can also incorporate our own design.
  • These services give total control of an owner over his/her business. In this way, sellers can record the behavior of consumers on their site and modify accordingly. They can generate ad revenue by posting ads relating to their products.

Additional tools

  • X-cart provides clients with analytical services for their sites. These tools can track the users’ activity. It is helpful in removing bugs and enhancing the user experience.
  • It also creates room for innovative ideas. Marketing is a creative field. The art of converting a potential buyer is no longer sacred. These analytical tools can easily boost sales of an e-store.
With over 17 years of experience, X-cart is still the best choice for people to start an ecommerce website. If you too wish to avail our services, get in touch with our team right now!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Illustration Graphic Design with Arvaan Technolabs

Many products in market sell on the mantra of “what looks best, sells best”. Hence the services for Illustration Graphic Design has a decent demand. Illustrator designers create beautiful pictures that suit best for the industry. They are different from graphic designers in the sense that they do not draw for commercial purpose, but rather for the purpose of sending a message with their art.

An illustrator can boost a business' average traffic to the next level by their artwork. These individuals work from the heart and bring out the best aspect of any product. Here is a list of topics related to illustration graphic designers and the services they provide:

Merchandising Magnet

An illustrator does not have a commercial mindset. They use their art to let people know about the brand value and what they stand for. This helps the people better relate to brand. They attach themselves emotionally and hence sales increase. This also lets the brand to give back to the community.

Illustrations used for marketing campaigns

Marketing is a very creative field when we talk about business. Marketing campaigns are planned to advertise a product or service in front of general public. The Illustration Graphic Design is a great way to do so because visual sense is powerful than other senses. An illustration graphic designer can easily leverage this to his benefit. Creating clever and unique ads for companies is the job of illustrators.

Tight deadlines

Illustration job is the one bound by time. This job needs the illustrator to work within a given deadline and produce satisfactory images or pictures. Trends over the internet can change in a matter of hours. This has to tackled by an illustrator. This job requires imaginative as well as analytical skills.

Forecasting services

In the fashion industry, the people who are able to predict and adapt accordingly, enjoy success. Illustrators especially have to excel in this area. Their extensive knowledge about various styles and art forms can be a useful asset for a business to roll out new fashion gear in the market. This also can save a lot of time and finance for the company.

Being tech savvy

Illustrators traditionally are people who know their basic pencil and chart skill. But many of them are tech-savvy geniuses. They use software like CAD to produce limitless designs and styles. This saves time and provides a flexible working capability. Hence it is necessary for illustrators to learn modern designing tools.

Use of illustrations in animation

Animations industry itself is a large one. Illustrators find themselves at ease to work even in the animation field. This is due to the fact that illustrators can easily transfer their ideas and art in a flexible medium of animation. A picture is a thousand words. But what if an illustration also moves?


Illustrations are intellectual properties. Illustration designers charge fees for their work on basis of deadline and brand value. Initial payment for an illustrator is normally low. But as they become more experienced in the industry, their value increases. It is suggested to hire illustration graphic designers on basis of a balance between quality and budget.

If you are the one seeking for Illustration Graphic design services, we will provide a complete solution to you. We hope that this comprehensive guide has provided you with the guidance on the same.