Monday, April 2, 2018

Features of Zend Development Company – Thing to remember

Zend is an open source object-oriented framework for web applications. It has been implemented PHP 5 and is a collection of packages for web design based on PHP. The framework has had a staggering 15 million downloads and is undoubtedly one of the leading web development services. With Arvaan Technolab, you get the best of Zend Development Company.

Zend is available with such features that are capable of taking technology to next levels of success. With the futuristic features of PHP 5.3, this framework makes it easier to implement the actions easily and with a firm command. Zend has amazing compatibility with other PHP features like lambda functions, namespaces, closures, etc making it easier to build a website in PHP. You will find the list of the services provided by Arvaan Technolab in the below list.

Web Development Services

Our developers have a great amount of expertise dealing with the Zend Development Company. They will offer you the perfect PHP Applications that are made with the help of Zend. Moreover, the company is always eager to deliver end-to-end solutions, high-quality performance, user-friendly software, and most of all; affordable services.

Web Apps

One of the highlights of this tech giant is that it provides to the customers highly robust applications. Furthermore, they can also avail highly scalable and comprehensive solutions based on the Zend Framework. The company also maintains transparency in whatever they do in order to provide their best of services. Last but not least, the developers are also capable of building complex and advanced applications for all enterprises.

Migration Solutions

Migration could be of data or content Migration from one website to another. When it comes to migrating your data or content, Arvaan Technolab provides the most reliable solutions. In addition to migration of the data between Zend Development Services platforms, they also check for the compatibility and other factors involved in the migration aspect.

Maintenance and Support

When your website is up and running, there is a thorough need for maintenance. Once the website or the web application steps into work, there ought to be bugs and other faults in it. But you don’t have to worry because the company provides maintenance and support so that they can remove bugs and fix them. Along with that, Security patches are also there in order to prevent any more bugs.

Dedicated Developers

If you have some very specific needs, the company helps you find and hire a developer. This developer will work exactly according to your needs and design the framework keeping your specifications in mind. So, if you are looking for something that is more unconventional, you can hire a dedicated developer for yourself.

This brings us to the conclusion of the explanation of Zend Development Company that the company offers to its clients. Without a doubt, Arvaan Technolab is a great web design company and it will deliver top-notch results.

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