Tuesday, June 12, 2018

iWatch App development

Apple products are the top leading technology company in the whole world. Their line of products is increasing with innovative products such as iPhone X that features revolutionary face ID and the new series of wearable smart wrist-watch. The official name of the smartwatch is iWatch. Arvaan Technolab is creating excellent qualities applications for these iWatches. With our wide experience, we have developed an expertise in providing iWatch App development services.

Here is a list of Arvaan Technolab's iWatch App development  Services:

Creativity of Watchkit framework:

The framework for the iWatch ecosystem is relatively young and people do not really know the limitations yet. Hence creativity is a huge aspect of the innovation. An app capable of shutting off your iPhone with help of only the iWatch is an example. Likewise, many creative ways of using the watch are possible.

The basic features we provide in Apps

Making calls from your iWatch, texting by dictation, playing music, are all the basic functions of iWatch. These functions work great with an iPhone. But, these functions are still limited and do not utilize the full scope of the Watchkit framework. Hence the Apple watch apps development industry has a huge potential to work on innovative services for Apple users.

A niche market

Let’s face it, the wearable market is futuristic but still, it is a limited one. The average consumer is not much flexible with respect to this new device. It is a hidden benefit for developers. A small market means the openness for third-party app developers to focus on quality. We are providing apps which actually fulfill people’s need. This benefit is absent in competitive market like Android’s Play store.

Fitness and health

Apple has said their iWatch device is able to help people achieve their health goals. The device can track footsteps, pulse rate, temperature, etc. It is possible for us to personalize the fitness goals for users with apps specially created for this purpose.
The elderly people can use such services to keep a track of their medications with alarms and reminders on the watch. In fact, the watch can be helpful for people to send an SOS message in case of an emergency. Such services can drive Apple to create a smoother environment for iWatch Application development companies.
Apple watch is also a good addition to the accessory section of your wardrobe. The variety of options to choose from makes it even more attractive. Some loyal fans of Apple have even ordered customized watches with a 24-carat gold electroplated unit.
Perhaps, this is the reason why Arvaan Technolabs considers this loyalty while designing the apps for users. Utilization of the watch with its already impressive style, can open doors for a bright future. Overall, the Apple watch apps development industry on iWatch has a bright future. Niche market makes it more viable to solve users’ problem directly.


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