Tuesday, July 31, 2018

PPC Management Services

With so many brands competing with each other for the users’ attention, the advertisement industry has rapidly found new ways to grow. One such method is the pay-per-click advertisement aka PPC technique. There are companies which run ad campaigns for businesses with this method. Arvaan Technolab is one such PPC management company.
Pay per click is a method that works when a user clicks on an ad over any website on the internet. For this, expert marketing managers create a strategy and run ads accordingly on the client’s websites.

Here is a list of PPC Management Services that we provide to our clients!

Ad strategy

  • The most important aspect of PPC Management Services is the basic strategy.
  • What is it that the visitor of a page must do when your ad is flashed?
  • How many clicks do you require to maintain a healthy profit margin?
  • What is your brand ideology?
  • These are the questions related when planning for a PPC campaign.
  • PPC managers try to answer this questions by conducting market research.

Market Research

  • The ads are created for people surfing the internet. Hence, it is important to study the type of audience you are dealing with.
  • The quality of your ads will be decided on basis of demographic of people your audience consists of. Teenagers are easy to attract with help of pop culture icons while middle-aged people lookout for value in a product they want to purchase.
  • These research are conducted with a select group of people. Hence it might not be accurate but it certainly gives a good picture of the market.

Type of content

  • For many people ads are annoying. PPC Management Company take care that the campaigns do not create a negative publicity to hurt the brand image.
  • So it is necessary to consider what type of content are you delivering the ads?
  • Studies show that if an ad of a product can solve a problem in user’s life, it is bound to be successful. PPC managers design ads relative to the content of the website with which they are working.
  • A website about games might show ads about gaming laptops and consoles. Likewise, different ads sell with different content.


  • Today, the consumer’s attention time is extremely low. In such case, plain ads do not work.
  • People look out for ads which catch their eyes. Interactive ads which tease the content of a product, or a free trial offer, or such lucrative offers increase clicks.
  • Ads generate revenue when people click on ads, therefore ads must attract the consumer to click on it.

A dedicated approach

  • Google AdWords is a tool used to set parameters for PPC ad campaigns.
  • Many people forget about these parameters like time, region, language, etc. once they are set.
  • As an active PPC management company, we keep an eye on results of these factors. With it, we can optimize the ads, hence conducting market research at the same time.
Advertisement industry is all about being creative and attracting consumers. The creativity is a talent which managers develop with experience of trial and error method. Arvaan Technolab, as a responsible PPC Management Services provider, will take care of your every aspect.

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