Thursday, July 12, 2018

WordPress SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization has become a necessary tool to rule the market. With SEO techniques websites can rank up in Google search results for a certain keyword. Arvaan Technolab offers a wide range of WordPress SEO Services which help a user with over 200 known SEO factors.
Users only visit those websites which are helpful to them. So Google uses RankBrain AI to rank all websites for search results. When SEO factors are taken into account, a website can generate traffic by ranking up. Hence it is important to know about ultimate SEO services provided by WordPress.

Importance of Yoast SEO Plugin in WordPress SEO Services

  • Yoast SEO plug-in is the best available option for WordPress. Yoast SEO consists of some parameters that help you to increase the rankings of your article in the search result of Google.
  • These parameters check the readability of the text and perform its reading ease test. The various parameters which are considered in this test are the number of sentences, the number of words, the number syllables lines in the whole text, and the use of parts of speech such as noun pronoun preposition etc.
  • These parameters work by showing the result in form of green, yellow and red lights. It is to be noted that the green result does ensure good chances of ranking up in the search result, but it is not to be taken as a commandment.

Google Analytics

  • WordPress provides its users the option of Google Analytics. It is a statistical software which helps you measure various things related to a post.
  • It can calculate the traffic on your site, the number of views an article is getting, real-time graphical representation, etc. Moreover, it can also find for which keyword, is an article ranking up.
  • WordPress SEO Services are very useful for bloggers and content marketing managers.

WordPress video SEO

  • It is a fact that video content is best for consumers. Video can send those messages which are impossible by written words.
  • Hence WordPress provides video services. It uses psychological techniques and makes it easy for users to gain information out of videos.
  • Narrow bandwidth videos are suitable for this purpose. Larger bandwidth videos take up a time to load and annoy Google users. Hence, to maintain Google rankings, video SEO is a great tool.

Google search console

  • It is a tool Google provides for maintenance of websites.
  • Google search engine uses crawler AI to read new URLs of any website. when the URL of a web page is added in the console, the crawler knows that it has a new URL is added and it scans it.
  • The crawler is named as such because it ‘crawls’ over links to scan the website. hence a good structure of a website is always given preference in the search result.
  • The search console simply makes it easier for owners to check if any broken links are present on their site and if that is an issue for crawler programs or not.
These are only some of the most used tools and features of the WordPress site. Arvaan Technolab also offers a wide range of services which the emerging bloggers use in daily life. It makes an organization virtual presence felt by the public in an efficient way and hence helps to make a brand identity in the market.

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