Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Mobile Game Development Company - Services

Mobile Gaming is one of the largest sectors in the video game industry to make revenue. Nowadays, with a number of different devices available in the market, anyone can play mobile games. The games are easily accessible to a wide range of audiences. Arvaan Technolab is a proficient Mobile Game Development Company. It provides its clients with native, hybrid, and cross-platform mobile games. We will see the services of the company in this post.
With the increase in the popularity of mobile games, they have become one of the primary sources to kill time. There are many genres of games which people like as per their likes. Our developers are skilled in making casual, educational, action, social, trivia, puzzle, strategy, arcade, and a lot more. Arvaan Technolab covers the whole spectrum of game development and you can find out the services in this list below.

Art and Design

One of the many important factors for a Game Development company is Art and Animation. The design of the characters or the setting of the game and its art is also important. Our team of talented artists will provide you the best graphics for your game. The developers are skilled in designing graphics for isometric, 2D, and 3D games.

Development & Coding

The coding part is where a mobile game is really made. Here, the developers are well versed in building games with the help of various game engines like Unity3D, Cocos2d-x, HTML5, Unreal, and Angular JS along with other SDKs.


UI plays a big role in deciding how to game will actually turn out to be. It takes an experienced designer to design a great UI. They must know how to work with fonts, buttons, colors, and all the other game dynamics. It also includes engineering, art, testing, and production teams. This Mobile Game development Company follows the best practices so that you get the best end result.


Once the game is ready and out for release, there is still a step to ensure that it does not run into troubles. All the games which Arvaan Technolab develops are put through the testing phase. Due to this, it makes certain steps that one can play it smoothly and get unfailing performance. Device Compatibility, User experience, graphics performance, responsiveness, and many other factors are also checked.

Cross Platform

In addition to all the basic services mentioned above, the company also provides cross-platform game development. It includes Hybrid App Development, Facebook Games, AR Mobile Game, etc. The company is also reputed because of its top-notch services; with some of its games having millions of downloads on the App Stores.
With this article on Mobile Game Development Company, we have exemplified the services provided by Arvaan Technolab in the field. As you can see, you can get the best services with them as they have a very skilled and unique team of developers. Moreover, it is one of the best choices for Mobile Game development in recent times.

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