Tuesday, March 27, 2018

PSD to Wordpress Services

Wordpress is one of the best website designing tools that are useful for both programmers and non-programmers. PSD to Wordpress is a popular way of creating themes on Wordpress for your website. It converts PSD files into Wordpress themes so that website designers can bring their own spin and creativity to their themes. Arvaan Technolab is an online service provider that will help you get to design the perfect theme for a blog.

PSD to Wordpress Services – Important Points

It is a file that you can create in Adobe Photoshop. PSD has proved time and again, as a great tool to bring out the creativeness of designers. Wordpress provides its own inbuilt theme, but if you want your own theme, then you can convert your PSD to Wordpress with the help of Arvaan Technolab services. Below, you will find a list of services provided by the company.

Responsive and Mobile Friendly

Nowadays, one can access a website through different platforms such as a PC, smartphones, and tablets. The developers make the website responsive so that it runs smoothly on each and every kind of screen and resolution. Responsive Web Design is also recommended by Google so that it is helpful for mobile users in experiencing the website.

Conversion and Speed

A website’s performance highly relies on its loading time. Faster load time means a better user experience and increased rankings. The expert developers implement advance conversion methodologies for a faster processing time. Moreover, they also take care that the website is pixel perfect and browser friendly.

Code and Themes

For a better implementation of standards, our developers employ only Wordpress validated themes. Furthermore, the code written is WRC compliant, neat, and well-commented. All these factors pitch in to make the code easy to read and maintain.

Content Migration

If you have moved on to a Wordpress website, you will have to inevitably migrate most of the content from the non-Wordpress one. A lot of things have to be taken into account for the content migration like compatibility, SEO, and much more. The experts at Arvaan Technolab check if the website is hosted on CMS. Then they determine if the content matches the Wordpress Layout or not. Finally, they also maintain SEO during the migration, fix any broken links and finally, run a quality check before launching the website.

Cross-device compatibility

There is no definite and set browser that all the users are going to make use of. To make up for the diversity of browsers for web and mobile, cross-browser compatibility is also a key factor for PSD to Wordpress Conversion. The conversion services of Arvaan makes websites compatible with all the major browsers like Chrome, Opera, Firefox etc.
With this article, we have listed out the perks and features provided by the conversion team over at Arvaan Technolab. You can clearly see that the services provided by them are all in terms of the needs of general customers. By availing these services, you will get the best theme conversion in the industry.

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